Climate change can increase unemployment

While we tend to focus on climate catastrophies, it's time to look beyond this, to possible long-term impacts of climate change on employment. Between 40 and 80 jobs per 100.000 EU-inhabitants can get lost due to heat waves by the end of this century, writes the Norwegian daily DN, based on ToPDAd's research on the health effects of climate change.

In an op-ed, researcher Asbjørn Åheim warns that climate change can cause a considerable increase in infectious diseases. This will again lead to an increase in sick leaves and hospitalizations. In addition will higher temperatures decrease productivity, especially during heat waves. Although less dramatic than the mortality during heat waves, these socio-economic effects should be taken into consideration by decision makers, according to Asbjørn Aaheim. Europe will have to adapt to climate change also in its employment policy.


Read the full article (in Norwegian) in DN: http://www.dn.no/meninger/debatt/2015/08/14/2146/Forskning-viser-at/mer-enn-katastrofe


Read more about ToPDAd's findings on health and productivity in the health case study.

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