ECCA conference - call for papers

ToPDAd will be hosting several scientific sessions and workshops at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference in Copenhagen, 12-14 May 2015. Interested parties can submit abstracts for these sessions until 1 February.

The full list of scientific sessions at ECCA 2015 and instructions on how to submit papers or posters is available at 

ToPDAd will be hosting the following scientific sessions:

- on transport: Resilience of the transport sector as a condition for climate change adaptation

chair: Dr. Christophe Heyndrickx, Tranport & Mobility Leuven

The objective of this session is to bundle a diverse number of topics on resilience and adaption in the transport sector. How does the transport sector react to extreme weather events, and the resulting infrastructure damages, road blocks and accidents?  The session will also consider resilience in terms of global trade & transport flows for external shocks. 

- on energy: Impact of adaptation strategies on reduced vulnerability of economies to energy-related climate impacts

Chair: Dr. Douglas Crawford-Brown, University of Cambridge

This session introduces an adaptative regional input-output model to examine the effectiveness of diverse adaptation strategies in reducing economic vulnerability in London (flooding), France (drought plus heat wave causing reduced power generation) and Austria (biomass production for energy). 

- on tourism: Adapting to climate change in tourism - the role of weather and climate services

Chair: Dr. Franz Prettenthaler, Joanneum Research

The purpose of this session is to bring researchers and practitioners together to discuss how weather and climate services can help the winter sport and summer beach tourism sectors adapt to a changing climate and increased weather variability.

- on behavioural changes: Human response in adaptation modelling and planning

chair: Dr. Adriaan Perrels, Finnish Meteorological Institute 

The session aims to discuss how behavioural changes are included and founded in modelling and planning studies. It will give a cross-cutting synopsis of latest insights and applications from behavioural, economic and other studies.

In addition to these four scientific sessions, ToPDAd will also run two demonstration cases - on energy and transport, and present its interactive online tool.

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