From weather services to climate adaptation planning

Climate services can be a useful support in taking smart adaptation decisions. How to develop and stimulate the European market for climate services was one of the central themes at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference in Copenhagen. ToPDAd presented its solution for the tourism sector.

From 10-day forecasts to planning 75 years ahead

The Austrian Joanneum Research has developed a tool that provides skiing resorts with a customised projection of the number of visitors on the basis of a 10-day weather forecast, called Wedda. A free trial of this tool is available at the Wedda website.

As a part of the ToPDAd-project, this tool was expanded so that it can provide skiing resorts with projections up to 75 years ahead. Wedda for climate-proof investments (Wedda4CPI) will allow investors to visualise how climate change will influence the overnight stays at their resort and to evaluate different adaptation options.

"In the future, banks and insurance companies will increasingly require those assessments from investors,” said Franz Prettenthaler in a ToPDAd session at ECCA.

Combining climate information with economic assessments

To develop this tool, the ToPDAd methodology was applied, based on climate scenarios, macro-economic modelling and sectoral models. Also the input from stakeholders was included.

Watch this new video to learn more about the ToPDAd project.

How to secure overnight stays at Europe's alpine skiing regions?

Due to climate change, snow cover at Europe’s skiing destinations will be less reliable. ToPDAd assessed how tourists’ reactions to a changing climate will influence overnight stays at different skiing destinations in Europe. ToPDAd also evaluated which adaptation measures can help securing overnight stays, for instance investing in alternative activities or artificial snow-making. 

The modelling showed that tourists will shift to more snow-reliable regions or different holiday types, for instance mountain holidays during summer instead of winter skiing holidays. However, ToPDAd research also showed that summer season gains do not compensate for winter season losses.

Explore results with the ToPDAd interactive tool

The full results of ToPDAd’s research on tourism will be available in an interactive tool that is under development. By clicking on the link above you can already explore the preliminary results and get a taste of the ToPDAd interactive tool.

The interactive tool also provides information on the underlying macro-economic assessments and the other ToPDAd case studies about transport and energy as well as one case study looking at the overall economic impact of a big flooding in London.

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