The ToPDAd guide to ECCA

ToPDAd will be presenting its toolset for assessing regional adaptation strategies at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference in Copenhagen, 12-14 May 2015. Below is an overview of all sessions and workshops organised by or with contributions by ToPDAd's researchers. ECCA 2015 will be gather hundreds of adaptation practitioners, researchers, policy makers and businesses from across Europe and beyond.

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Overview of ToPDAd's sessions and workshops:


  •  Visit the ToPDAd stand and explore the interactive tool 
    Tuesday-Thursday 12-14 May all day at the exhibition hall

  •  Adapting to Climate Change in Tourism: The role of Weather and Climate Services
    Tuesday 12 May 14:00-16:00 Room 11

    The session is chaired by Franz Prettenthaler (Joanneum Research, Austria) and Adriaan Perrels (Finnish Meteorological Institute) and includes papers from Judith Köberl (Joanneum Research, Austria), Gina Cavan (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Miriam Dunn (University of Edinburg, UK) Swantje Preuschmann (Climate Service Centre 2.0, Helmholtz Center Geesthacht, Germany), and Franz Prettenthaler.


  • ToPDAd-tools for adaptation in energy, transport and tourism
    Wednesday 13 May 08:30-10:30 Room 18

    The session will present the key results of the ToPDAd project reached so far and will discuss the scenario assumptions, vulnerability and cost modelling in some cases. The session will also demonstrate the ToPDAD interactive tool, which structures the research results in an accessible way. 
    The session is chaired by Tony Rosqvist (VTT Research Centre of Finland Ltd) and includes papers from Adriaan Perrels (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Asbjørn Aaheim (CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo, Norway), Douglas Crawford-Brown (University of Cambridge 4CMR, UK), Rob Lokers (Alterra, Netherlands) and Franz Prettenthaler (Joanneum Research, Austria)


  • Meet-the-buyer event
    Wednesday 13 May 11:00-13:00 Room 16

    Douglas Crawford-Brown (University of Cambridge 4CMR, UK) will present ToPDAd's outcomes in an interactive discussion with business.

  • Economic Instruments of Adaptation
    Wednesday 13 May 16.30-18.30 Room 12 

    At this session, Rob Lokers (Alterra) will present ToPDAd’s interactive tool for European policy makers and business developers that showcases the project’s diverse, multi-dimensional outcomes, including uncertainty aspects.


  • Assessing the impact of adaptation strategies on reduced vulnerability of economies to energy-related climate impacts
    Thursday 14 May 8:30-10:00 Room 18

    This session is about the impacts of climate change on energy systems around the world, and the implications for the economies of nations. It will explore how climate-related changes in energy systems can be assessed, how these changes will influence the ability of economies to prosper, and how adaptation strategies can reduce the vulnerability of both these energy systems and the economies that depend on them.
    The session is chaired by Professor Crawford-Brown (University of Cambridge 4CMR, UK) and co-chaired by Patrick Driscoll (Aalborg University and a member of the team of the City of Copenhagen assessing the cost effectiveness of climate adaptation strategies), and includes papers from Miguel Azevedo (VTT Research Centre of Finland Ltd), Douglas Crawford-Brown, Anastasia Eleftheriadou (Environmental Research Lab; Greece), Pei Jyun Lu (Taiwan Research Institute), Athanasios Votsis (Finnish Meteorological Institute).


  • Climate change adaptation and public health
    Thursday 14 May 8:30-10:30 Auditorium 11

    At this session, H: Asbjørn Aaheim (CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo, Norway) will present ToPDAd’s research about the effects of climate change on health. This paper provides an overview of the state of knowledge about impacts of climate change on health, and shows how this information can be used to derive the socioeconomic consequences – in terms of supply of labour and demand for health services.


  • Resilience of the transport sector as a condition for climate change adaptation
    Thursday 14 May 11:00 - 13:00 Room 12 

    The session is chaired by Christophe Heynderickx (Transport & Mobility Leuven, Belgium) and will include papers from Helen Hanlon (Met Office UK), Rachel Burbidge (Eurocontrol), David Jaroszewski (University of Birmingham), Francesco Ciari (ETH, Switzerland), Stamlos Iraklis (CERTH-IH, Greece) and Angel Aparicio (UPM, Spain)


  • Energy sector adaptation: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) workshop on adaptation alternatives with energy sector stakeholders
    Thursday 14 May 11:00 – 13:00 Meeting Room 7

    The workshop will demonstrate a novel decision-support method for selecting robust adaptation strategies. The method will be demonstrated by means of a case study on renewable energy. The goal of the workshop is to combine the ToPDAd modelling results with the views of the invited stakeholders from Finnish Energy Industries, Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency. The audience and the participants can provide feedback during and after the workshop.
    The workshop is chaired by Jyri Hanski and Tony Rosqvist (both - VTT Research Centre of Finland Ltd).

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