Alterra is the research institute for our green living environment. We offer a combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Alterra is part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre concern (Wageningen UR). In research and education we closely co-operate with the school of Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University. With this partner we contribute to a high quality and sustainable green living environment. The exchange of expertise and capacity and the match between fundamental and practical research in various projects give us a scientific advantage.

Cambridge University 4CMR
The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) is dedicated to finding paths forward to reduce the risks of climate change and improve sustainability while allowing for global economic development. This includes strategies for carbon emissions reduction, sequestration of carbon in vegetation and improved resilience of the built environment, economies and social institutions to climate impacts. We investigate and help design a mix of public policies, market instruments and programmes affecting the decisions taken by individual actors and organisations.

CICERO provides research and expert advice about issues related to global climate change and international climate policy with the aim of acquiring knowledge that can help mitigate the climate problem and enhance international climate cooperation. The Norwegian government established CICERO (the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo) by royal decree in 1990. CICERO is an independent research center associated with the University of Oslo.

ETH Zürich - Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
The tasks of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineers are to design, build and operate systems of the urban and peri-urban infrastructure that are innovative, functionally reliable and economical. Engineers in these fields must be able to monitor, model and understand the relevant processes. The conservation and protection of the environment and its natural resources require efforts to resolve conflicts of interest and safer interfaces between technical and natural systems.

Finnish Meteorological Institute
The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The main objective of the FMI is to provide the Finnish nation with the best possible information about the atmosphere above and around Finland, for ensuring public safety relating to atmospheric and airborne hazards and for satisfying requirements for specialized meteorological products.

GWS - Institute of Economic Structures Research
The Institute of Economic Structures Research GWS – a private research and consulting institute – is specialized in the field of empirical economic research and analyses structural change by applying macroeconomic models at a low level of sectoral and regional aggregation. GWS was founded in 1996 and currently employs 20 researchers with expert knowledge in the area of economics, econometrics, social science, energy and environmental science and data management.

Joanneum Research
Joanneum Research is a professional innovation and technology provider with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in Styria. JR actively cooperates with the business and public sectors to generate new innovations and carries out application-oriented research and development projects to promote technology transfer to industry.

Transport & Mobility Leuven
Transport & Mobility Leuven is a private research company founded in 2002 by the  KU Leuven and the Dutch research institute TNO. TML is specialised in quantitative transport research and transport modelling.  It is a multi-disciplinary team of high-level specialists in traffic engineering, transport modelling, transport economics, spatial economics and environmental science. 

University of East Anglia - Climate Research Unit
The Climatic Research Unit is widely recognised as one of the world's leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change. Consisting of a staff of around twenty research scientists and students, the Unit has developed a number of the data sets widely used in climate research, including the global temperature record used to monitor the state of the climate system, as well as statistical software packages and climate models.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
VTT is the biggest multitechnological applied research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services thus improving its clients' competitiveness and competence. Through its international scientific and technology network, VTT can produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, create business intelligence and value added to its stakeholders. VTT is a part of the Finnish innovation system under the domain of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

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